FL720/520 LED Operating Lamp
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 FL720/520 LED Operating Lamp 

1,ceiling type installation, double cantilever parent LED shadowlamp, 700 mm in diameter and 500mm in diameter.

2,the illumination is greater than 160000/120000Lux.

3,balance system USES six dimensional suspension system imported from Germany, the six groups of cardan joint, 360 - degree design, fatigue correction device and positioning feel is adjusting device, often time after use to facilitate positioning adjustment;

4,lamp bead life is greater than 50,000 hours

5,LCD touch screen. Color temperature: 3500K plus or minus 5500K;

6,the illumination depth is greater than 1200mm;

7,spot diameter (d50) mm 150-350

8,the number of LED lights in the number of lamps of 90 children, 54 The color reduction index is greater than 95Ra.Infrared radiation absorbs more than 99%;

9,cold light source system: the doctor ﹤ temperature 2 ℃, the head operation ﹤ temperature 10 ℃;

10,power voltage: 0 ~ 220V / 50HZ;Lamp face glass: the lamp panel adopts German PC (bulletproof plastic), the soft light is dazzling, anti-impact, high security

11,Lamp face glass: the lamp panel adopts German PC (bulletproof plastic), the soft light is dazzling, anti-impact, high security

FL720/520 LED Operating Lamp Technique Data:


FL720/520 LED

Diameter of dome




Color temperature adjusment


Color indication index


Spot diameter


Illumination depth




Ultravilet light irradiance within 40mm wave length


Focus mode


Power supply


Input power


Light source


Temperature rise at surgeon's head


Installed range(stand arm)


Average service life



Emergency battery,camera system

FL720/520 LED Operating Lamp  Purpose

Used for lighting surgery, to best observe small, low-contrast objects at different depths in the incision and body control. Since the surgeon's head, hand and instrument may interfere with the shadow of the operation, the surgery should be designed to eliminate the shadow and be able to do so Minimize color distortion. 

In addition, the astral lamp also need to continue to work over a long period of time, but not emit too much heat, because the overheating that discomfort, the surgery would also can make the organization in surgical area dry. Surgical shadow-lamp is usually composed of single or multiple lamp heads。Set on the cantilever, can do vertical loop or mobile, cantilever, usually connected to a fixed joint and can rotate around it. Shadowless lamp USES the disinfection can be set disinfection handle or hoop (bend) for flexible positioning, and has the function of auto brake and stop to manipulate the positioning, in the surgical site。 Above and around, keeping the right space. The astral lamp fixtures can be placed on fixed point on the ceiling or wall, can also be placed in the orbit of the ceiling.

Operating site operation shadowless lamp used for lighting, in order to best observation in incision and body charged with different depth of small, low contrast objects. Due to operate on the head, hands and the instruments are likely to cause interference shadow to surgical site, thus operation shadowless lamp should be designed to eliminate the Yin Shadow, and can minimize the color distortion degree. 

In addition, shadowless lamp still need to continue to work over a long period of time, but not emit too much heat, because overheating will make people ill operation, also can make the organization in surgical area dry.Shadowless lamp is Shared by a set of lights illuminate produced an effect, it is can increase the brightness, 2 it is not at work to produce a shadow. The function used in the process of the doctor surgery can make doctors can more clearly see all kinds of organizations, to avoid operation error.

 FL720/520 LED Operating Lamp Maintenance 

1,Check the fasteners of LED lights regularly to prevent accidents.

2,If the LED lamp is found to be broken, the above method will be replaced. If the manufacturer is not allowed to change, notify the manufacturer for replacement.

3,Always use wet soft cloth or sponge to touch a small amount of alcohol, scrub the surface of LED lamp and the Y tube, strictly prohibit water or other liquid to wash.

4,To clean and disinfect the lamp's handle regularly, which can be disinfected with 75% alcohol, formalin, new jal, or soas or fumigation; Not more than three days or surgery or 5 times every time before the operation, the lamp body handle coat for 138 ℃ high temperature cooking disinfection.

5,there is any other malfunction, unable to deal with, please contact the company after-sales service department, have not been evaluated by the company personnel or full-time shadowless lamp repair personnel recognition, please do not remove the leds and control circuit at will.

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