Dental x ray film scanner
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Dental x ray film scanner Introduction:

1.Brand new;100% high quality
2.X-ray film digitizer Characteristic:1,It can make common X-ray become digital X-ray immediately,and save them into computer;2,It can magnify dental film avout 50 times on the monitor;dentist can communicate with their patients more convenient;3,Dentists don't need to setup driver;it can be used in any time.
3.X-ray film digitizer Specification:Voltage:DC 5V (support by computer);Power:300 mA; Signal output:USB 2.0;Volume:70mm*84mm*80mm;Weight:430g.
4.Thanks for buying our X-Ray Reader,it is a kind of conversion machine what makes the dental film convert to video image,it can magnify the dental film about 50 times,and it is an excellent instrument for dentist,dentists can communicate with their patients more convenient.

Dental x ray film scanner Specification:

1.Voltage: DC 5V (support by computer)
2.Power: 300 mA
3.Signal output: USB 2.0
4.Volume: 70mm*84mm*80mm

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