Dental unit
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1.24V DC motor for chair (safety system): 1 set

2.Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system: 1 set

3.3 programs inter-lock control system: 1 set

4.Instrument tray with air brake (down-mounted): 1 set

5.Build-in floor box with main switch: 1 set

6.Rota-table hand-piece holder: 1 set

7.Glass spittoon: 1 set

8.Assistance holder aggregate device: 1 set

9.Fold-able headrest: 1 set

10.Seamless cushion (PU): 1 set

11.Round foot switch: 1 set

12.4-way joystick: 1 set

13.High suction & saliva ejector system: 1 set

14.Outer water tank: 2 sets

15.Imported medical grade water/air tubing: 1 set

16.USB connector: 1 set

17.LED-2 operation light: 1 set

18.LED film viewer: 1 set

19.3-way syringe (hot/cold): 2 sets

20.External junction box: 1 set

✫ Please call us for more models.

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