AB-Scan Ophthalmic Ultrasound
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1.Built-in Workstation

2.Detailed Resolution, Color TFT Display

3.Multiple Display and Continuous Zoom

4.Turn-up Keyboard, Fully Portable

5.Real Time Images, Cine-Loop

6.User and Patient information Entry

7.Mass images Storage

8.Document Management, Search and Statistic

9.Trackball for Easy Measurement and Operation

10.Clinical Reports with Images Print Out

11.Custom Velocity Settings


Physical dimension & weight

1.Dimensions: 240 (H) × 255 (W) × 160( D)mm

2.9.5( H)× 10 (W) × 6.3 (D)inches

3.Weight: 3.0kg ( 6.6lbs)

Operating environment

1.Power Supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 80VA Max

2.Temperature: 10-35

3.Humidity: 10 - 80%

Performance specifications

1.Display: 8.4" Color TFT (Diagonal)

2.Resolution: 800×600

3.USB 2.0 Ports for Memory Sticks and Peripherals

4.Mouse Port

5.Image Output (optional): Video Printer/Laser Printer/Color Inkjet


7.Report Print Out: Patients Information, Clinical Situation Description of Images

8.External Large SVGA monitor


1.Frequency: 10MHz  Fixation LED

2.Clinical Accuracy: 0.04mm

3.Minimum Indicated Unit: 0.01mm

4.Measuring Range (AL): 15-40mm

5.Measuring Mode: Immersion /Contact

6.Measuring Value: Cornea Thickness (Immersion Mode),Anterior Chamber 7.Depth, Lens Thickness,

8.Vitreous Length, Axial Length

9.Measuring Method: Manual/Automatic (for Phakic, Aphakic, Cataract, Pseudophakic)


1.Frequency: 10MHz Sealed probe

2.Scanning Method: Digital High Resolution Sector Scanning

3.Scanning Scope: 53 degrees

4.Gain Control: 0-120 dB

5.Resolution: Lateral ≤0.4mm, Axial≤ 0.2mm

6.Detecting Depth: ≤60mm

7.Display Method: B,B+A,B+B,B+B+B+B,A

8.Zoom: 6 steps selectable (31-60mm)

9.Gray Scale: 256 Levels

10.Color: 15 color codes

11.Cineloop: 12 sec/128 images, single or circle

12.Post Processing: Distance, Area Measurement, Annotation

13.Thousand Patient Images Internal Storage


16.IOL Types: PMMA, Acrylic, Silicone

17.Statistics: Average and Standard Deviation

18.Thousands Patient Data internal Storage

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