Rider series fully automatic endoscope washing
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Product introduction

 This machine designed according to the regulation ISO 15883-4 for flexible endoscope washing and disinfection

1. Protect the endoscope design

.  Leakage test

   Machine can complete leakage test before endoscope touched with liquid in the machine, and continue to test. When the value more than allowed, a visual and audio alarm signals, and automatically terminate the program.

.  Disinfection function

   Independent disinfection program runed after maintenance, repair or interrupt. Disinfection function can disinfect 0.1μm filter, slots and pipes.

2. Process tracing system

.  Process data printing out

   Printer printing data timely for every endoscope`s cleaning and disinfection, convenient for users archive records.

.  Process data management

   Collecting endoscope information and operator information, connect with user`s computer through internet along with process data. Realize patient and endoscope cleaning and disinfection information management simultaneously.

100% washing and disinfection Omni-directional, the whole pipeline cleaning and disinfection.

    The chamber with rotation nuzzles and spray arm can washing and disinfecting the whole surface, meanwhile the circulating water can disinfecting the whole inner tubes of endoscope.

.  Booster pump
With independent booster pump used for water and air filling.

.  Sterile water rinsing  
Rinsing with filtration water by 0.1μm filter after disinfection, it can avoid contaminating again.

.  Drying function
Drying inner tube of endoscope, with two option models, air drying and alcohol drying.

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