Plasma Sterilizers
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1.Low temperature sterilization

The sterilizing temperature is 50±5℃. Adopts dry sterilization which has no injury on instrument so that extend the instrument service life

2. Safe and environment friendly

The products of sterilization are water and oxygen molecule that have no toxic harm to staff or patient, and there is no need for drainage or air exhausting. The high efficient H2O2filter is installed in the exhausting outlet to guarantee no H2O2pollution to the environment.

3.Time-saving and cost-efficient

Rectangular chamber has greater capacity, high efficiency and short sterilizing cycle (≤50mins). The sterilized articles can be used directly without extra processing. It can increase the instrument turnover and decrease the storage of precious instrument to cut cost indirectly.


Effective filtration of organic contaminants,such as formaldehyde and benzene.

5. Multiple models

Both bottle-type and cartridge-type H2Oinjection are available to order. To meet pharmaceutical factory needs, the material can be stainless steel.

6.Reliable sterilization

The chamber adopts alloy material which has good thermal conductivity to guarantee a stable temperature in the chamber. The purification system makes the H2Odiffuses uniformly. The low temperature storage system provides a stable concentration of H2O2.



Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizers

Application area

12-30m fand  

Rated voltage


Sterilization ability




Timing mode


Electric shock protection category


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