ICU Pendent
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1. Compact Service Console

Ø Adopting a unique and multifaceted design, this pendent console allows a large number of devices to be installed into a smaller and more compact space, which improve the patient environment and the equipment load capacity.

2. Maximum Flexibility

Ø VON design provides unparalleled flexibility to allow the reconfiquration of the pendent quickly and easily for the clinical requirements.

3. Complete Solution

Ø We provide the complete solution for the clinical work space. All the accessory design and selection are suit for ergonomic design. The electrical safety system, clinical quality and ambient lighting can be customized according to partners decision.


Beam Length: 2200-3200mm

Functional Column (Left)

Functional Column (right)

Infusion Stand with adjustable height (stainless steel)

Tubular Extension Arm Folders: 240mmx240mm

Tray (490x400mm) Customized quantity

Cable Tracheal Folder

Tray (490x400mm) with drawer

Tray ( Customized quantity)

Stainless Steel Basket

Tray (590mmx 400mm) with drawer

Cable Tracheal Folder

Stainless Steel Basket

Gas Outlet- German Standard (O2×1, N2O×1, Air5×1, Vac×1), Customized quantity

Gas Outlet- German Standard (O2×2,Air×1, Vac×2), Customized quantity

Narcotic AGSS outlet Emission (jet/symphonic)

Universal Socket (customized)

Universal Socket (customized)

Network Communication Interface Socket RJ45

Network Communication Interface Socket RJ45

Gas Plug(O2×1, Air×1, Vac×1)

Gas Plug(O2×1, N2O×1, Air5×1, Vac×1, AGSS×1)

Custom Accepted

Apply to Surgery, Anesthesia, Endoscopy

Custom Accepted

✫ Please call us for more models.


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