Electrical Anesthetic Pendent
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1. Compact structure with small dimension;

2. Medical pendent can be rotated in the angle of 330°and fully equipped with oxygen, air, vacuum suction, power network communication terminals and multi-layers instrument tray, suit for ICU and emergency rooms, which is limited by space.


Single Arm Length: 1000mm

Functional Column (Left)

Tray (490x400mm) Customized quantity

Tray (490x400mm) with drawer

Stainless Steel Basket

Cable Tracheal Folder

Gas Outlet- German Standard (O2×1, N2O×1, Air5×1, Vac×1), Customized quantity

Narcotic AGSS Outlet Emission (jet/symphonic)

Universal Socket (customized)

Network Communication Interface Socket RJ45

Gas Plug(O2×1, N2O×1, Air5×1, Vac×1, AGSS×1)

Apply to Surgery, Anesthesia, Endoscopy

Custom Accepted

✫ Please call us for more models.

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