Muti-function Electrosurgical Generator
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1.Monopolar Cut

Ø Monopolar cut has standard mode and forced mode, each mode has four modes: pure cut,blend1, blend2 and blend3;

Ø Standard mode: Low voltage output is suitable for endoscopic surgery equipped with digestive endoscope, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and open surgery which demands little thermal injury, such as head and neck, oral and maxillofacial surgery and burn and plastic surgery. When cutting, with small spark and less charring;

Ø Forced mode: Having adopted the automatic power adjustment technology, this mode has advantages of high efficiency and low power consumption. It is widely used to surgical operations such as general, thoracic, orthopedics and urinary surgeries.

2.Monopolar Coag.

Ø Spray Coag: can be used as Argon gas system with a mobile cart;

Ø Point Coag.: suitable for open surgery of general, rapid and effective blood coagulation;

Ø Soft mode: suitable for endoscopic surgery, and is safe, reliable for parenchyma blood coagulation.

3.Bipolar Coag.

Ø Bipolar macro mode (bipolar cut): specially designed for endoscopic surgery, such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgery;

Ø Standard mode: suitable for military sursery and general surgery;

Ø Adopt the contact quality monitoring system which is proven safe by globe clinical application;

Ø Larger light spot diameter can be adjusted within 130-350mm.


Type of Apparatus

Model CF, Class Ⅰ, Anti-defibrillation Common Equipment.

Working Frequency

512 kHz

Working Mode

Interval Loading and Continuous Operating

Temporary Loading Rate


Output Power

 STANDARD MODEFORCED MODE Monopolar Blend 1250W(500Ω)250W(500Ω) Monopolar Blend 2200W(500Ω)200W(500Ω) Monopolar Blend 3120W(500Ω)120W(500Ω)  POINT COAG.SOFT MODESPRAY COAG.Monopolar Coag.120W(500Ω)120W(500Ω)100W(1000Ω) STANDARD MODEMACRO MODE Bipolar Coag.50W(100Ω)80W(200Ω) 


High Frequency Drain Current


Power Supply

single-phase AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz,max.current≤3.5A

Boundary Dimension


Net Weight of Host Machine


Machine Gross Weight


Operation Conditions

Ambient Temperature 5℃40℃;Humidity≤80RH

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