Why the surgical dress is either a green or blue?
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In fact, the main reason for the use of blue and green surgical clothing by the surgeons is that the two colors are the viscera of the human and the complementary color of the blood color (the relative color on the hue ring). In the color ring arranged in accordance with the order of the rainbow color order. Color ring to 180 degrees relative to the two colors is complementary color. Color rings are used in many places, such as painting, printing and dyeing, graphic arts, industrial design, and even our visual system is also applicable. White not only causes glare, but also makes it easy to produce an illusion called afterimage. Blue-green after the image will affect the surgeon's vision and judgment, the patient is very dangerous. So when people understand the principle of complementary color later, no longer use the white surgical clothing. You can also try this afterimage.This posture can last for a few seconds, it seems very short, will not have any effect on people, but in surgery it may be fatal.

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