Pregnant nurses absorb oxygen
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The morning of July 12, the reporter in hefei Ann medical images of establishing affiliated hospital surgery center, a quite big nurse sat quietly operating table, took a tube in nose flank oxygen, beside a caesarean operation is nervous. A few minutes later, the nurse threw down the oxygen tube and continued to work. The reporter from the operation center, sun merlin, learned that the nurse's name is jin xin, 33 years old, this Saturday is her due date, but she is still working. The head nurse introduced that there are 27 operating rooms in the operation center. Every day, the operation is more than 100, and the workload is very high. In the same day, he took on the shoulder of a tour nurse, shuttling between the operating rooms, very hard. After the policy of the comprehensive two-child policy was released, the hospital's delivery room operated one after another. Also is the nurse of women is not exceptional also, now in the operating room nurses, like Jin Xin pregnant nurses have seven or eight, maternity leave and there are three or four, five or six lactation, surgery center people nervous. According to the hospital's rules, the situation like kaoru can be made two weeks in advance, but they are not on leave until the last minute. "Fortunately, the workplace is in the operating room, and upstairs is the obstetrics and gynecology." The nurses often comforted their families, sun said.

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